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The Odd 1s Out

*funny* comics that I make in my free time. (That I have a lot of)
Sep 26 '14

This is actually sorta true kinda.

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Sep 20 '14

This is why school is so important

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Sep 17 '14

Anonymous asked:


thank you

Sep 17 '14
Sep 15 '14

Video #2

Here I talk about my twin sister.

Sep 11 '14

Public bathrooms amiright?

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Sep 8 '14



These are the freeways near me right now, it’s the wettest day on record in Arizona. Schools are closing because of it for the first time in 42 years.



Sep 8 '14

Its raining so hard here in arizona my classes got cancelled. I dont think thats ever happened in the history of arizona. that means gods judgment is upon us. anyone who hasnt built an ark will perish  

Sep 4 '14

Hey, if your answering machine is like this, please change it. 

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Aug 30 '14

A video???

It’s a video I made talking about a book that I wrote. Tell me what you think!