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The Odd 1s Out

*funny* comics that I make in my free time. (That I have a lot of)
Apr 15 '14

So it’s been a while…

Sorry, but I haven’t posted a comic in a while because of two reasons:
1) I’ve been busy
2) It’s super long. (Six canvases on Paint tools sai.) 
I’ve finished the line art so now all that’s left if the coloring.
I’m just dropping by saying hello to anyone that’s worried about me.

Here’s a picture of a duck I found on the internet (That may or may not be related to the new comic) to appreciate your patience

Apr 10 '14

He told me to use it…

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Apr 5 '14

Or you wouldn’t be talking to me.

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Mar 30 '14

Me as a kid 

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Mar 24 '14

Feminist Punch!

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Mar 24 '14

melisak2 asked:

can u do a dog comic with a grumpy cat

Mar 22 '14

True loves kiss

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Mar 14 '14

Happy pie day!

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Mar 13 '14

Welcome to fast food

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Mar 7 '14